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The "official" download link for Klik & Play is here.

For convenience, I'll also list a few mirrors here:

Vetusware (via the Knp Korner -- thanks!)

If all else fails, it's also locally mirrored here:

Happy klikkin'.

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We need to put up a new resource.

One thing I never liked about the School edition of KnP was the fact that it had only a third of the klip-art that the kommercial version did. Since Clickteam has finally given up on even the School edition, I'm posting here the American Edition's full klipart library. I'm tired of seeing the same small subset of KnP sprites in every trainwreck, so here's some new fodder for your imagination, straight from my dusty old CD copy.

Just put the contents in your Libs directory, and overwrite everything. Some of the libraries were cut down for the School edition, instead of just being left out.

If people want me to, I'll post up the sound effects library and the midi library as well.

libs.zip3.27 MB
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Ohh, man! Gorgeous.

Ohh, man! Gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

Those KnP and library links

Those KnP and library links totally need to be linked permanently on prominent areas of the site for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon us.

I just hope Clickteam doesn't discover us and get cease-and-desisty...

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should we act on this? I

should we act on this?
I need to update the n00b fact (probably no one uses the n00b fact as much as I do, every month I forget what the irc host is...)

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any thoughts?

any thoughts?

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Please Do! I'd love to have

Please Do! I'd love to have some extra music and SFX to use in my KnP creations.

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knps.dll and knpg.dll

For those who need them, knps.dll and knpg.dll are available here, or locally mirrored at

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Had a look at the license

Had a look at the license the other day (which I've attached), and noticed that it says that I am completely free to redistribute this software. As such, I've finally made the local mirror link actually work.

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I found the new official

I found the new official download link for Klik & Play for Schools! I've updated the post with it, because it's linked to from a bunch of places.

dosbox + win3.11 + knp ready

dosbox + win3.11 + knp ready for use.

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* this should be removed

* this should be removed

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Nice Libs from KNP.

Download Link?

Hey! Is there any download link left? Didn't find any working up here(

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Check the first post again.

Check the first post again. It's the not-hyperlinked URL after "If all else fails, it's also locally mirrored here."

And welcome to the wonderful world of Klik & Play!

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please do

Yes, plz post the midis...

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7 years later... AUDIO

What can I say; it's been a busy seven years.

Here, at last, are the mids and wavs.

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I've been meaning to upload

I've been meaning to upload the sounds and MIDIs that came with The Games Factory. The voice samples are especially horrendous and I would like to hear them in a lot more games.

TGF_Sounds_MIDIs.zip103.56 MB
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Since I uploaded the TGF

Since I uploaded the TGF sounds, I figure I might as well upload the graphic libraries as well.

The web download version of TGF1 had a reduced set of libraries to save on download time. I believe this however is the full set of graphics that came with the CD version of TGF1, and which were also available on Clickteam's public FTP for a time.

Keep in mind that these are CNC/TGF1 libs and as such will not work in Klik & Play! You can use them with any other Klik program though.

TGF-FullGFX.zip30.82 MB
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There were a few games included on the American CD version of KnP that the school edition lacked. Danni asked on Twitter if I could post them, so... here they are! All the games ripped from my CD edition, moments ago. Last modified date of: Monday, November 28, 1994 9:59 AM.