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This is the first game of a series that I want to make of games created with Klik and Play to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

Breakpong is a mixture of two classic games: Breakout and Pong, for 1 or 2 players.

The goal is to make more points than the rival, breaking blocks with the ball. If the balls leave on our side of the screen we will lose half of the points we have at that time.

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An event


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Prepare to compete!

Could be an olympic e-sport discipline. That's some fine gameplay! Collisions are a bit too unpredictable for my taste (collision detection is not a rectangle, is it?).
Also, a weird bug causes it to become a music program for DJs. The sounds loop themselves endlessly, creating a fine beat to jam to. And the game seems to slow down, however it can be circumvented through moving the mouse (which is actually not used at all in this game).

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Hello. I have uploaded the

Hello. I have uploaded the game again, fixing the collision of the characters to make it more effective, and I think also the sound problem.

I have included the original Klik and Play version as well.

Thanks for comment.