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inspired by lost histories jam*, this is an alphabetical list of games where experiences of a game are more important than the game itself.

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to contribute:

♥ add a page
♥ format it however you want
♥ include proper credits


♥ choose a game because of how important it is to you, not to culture at large
♥ don't edit/delete anyone else's work without their permission
♥ pics must be safe for work but writing doesn't have to be; please provide content warning if so


gifs will be added later lol

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Update: extended it to easter 2022 (I got a problem putting together my own entry,
and figured it might be ready by then)
Update update: restored old date (on second thought nevermind, this was a silly idea)

I don't know about you but I miss the old mailing system or "snail" mail as it is now called
a big thing that everyone felt they had to do was to send mail to every
known extended family member during the holidays
but this came with the obvious problem: what to write them?

Enter the solution: premade greeting cards for every holiday possible,
they usually looked pretty and all you had to do was to sign them
some modern ones even played music scaring the wits out of unsuspecting inlaws

as some time passed and computers become good enough (still in the pre-internet days) some companies even made
digital version of the greetings card complete with fancy animations, often sacrificing entire floppies for it

greeting cards are still a thing today but they lost plenty of steam compared to their early counterparts
nowadays they are pretty boring usually just some boring flowers and some comic sans mumbo jumbo.. meanwhile I yet to see an early victorian eastern greeting card that is not depicting pure chaos:

you might say this is all well and dandy but its not exactly time for easter yet!
one reason for making this event now is that I feel the weirdness of easter kind of escapes us at eastern time
and looking at it from far we might more appreciate the madness

(and also why not combine it with Halloween themes? making things even crazier )

also this is not a strictly greeting card event
anything goes: games, comics, katelabs maps, doom maps .. etc

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Welcome to GT’s sekret santa, the event where people make a list of things they like to see, and then those lists are randomly assigned to other participants to make a present for them.

Do you wanna participate? Here’s how it will go:

First, before DECEMBER 10TH you have to make and comment a list of things you would be interested in seeing in your present. Please keep in mind that your Santa may have a different skillset than what you’re expecting, and try to make your requests achievable by all sorts of people.

Then, after DECEMBER 10TH I’ll secretly send you a person’s list, and then you get to make them a present!! You’ll have a month to do it but it’s alright if you give your gift late, there’s no pressure.


A NEW TWIST: When you're commenting the list of things you would want, you should also include the amount of time you're planning to work on your gift. "I think I'm going to spend about 2 weeks on this present." It's just a guideline, of course, but I think it'll be helpful for everyone.


Along with the list, you’ll also be sent a link to one of the discord servers for the event. The person who you’re making a game for and the person who is making your game will not be in the same server as you, so you can share how your progress is going with some peers.


Maybe you’re interested, but this seems like a lot of commitment. Well, there are other roles available to keep this event running smoothly. You can sign up to be a Sekret Fairey , which means you get access to all of the servers and you can see how everyone’s doing. Or you can sign up to be a Backup Santa , which means you can jump in if someone can’t finish their gift. These roles don’t submit lists, so they can join at any time.

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