V.Smile Update

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So, since my last update, I've managed to completely decode the V.Smile Baby's IR format. Those last three bits that were so confusing to me were actually a combination of a very simple "repeat" bit, and two checksum bits! Once I figured out how the checksum worked, everything became clear. I've attached a small document containing the complete decoding scheme, which is actually much smaller now since I can take the raw data out for repeat codes and so forth.

The next step is to write a little script to generate the Lirc configuration file.

The step after that is to package everything up into a user-friendly bundle. Even if I don't have a nice menu or configuration method to start, it'd be good to bundle WinLIRC and automatically start it when you boot up. Not to mention building an EXE instead of requiring the end-user to install Python and the various random libraries that I'm using.

As an aside, my son enjoys AlphaBoogie, but so far he still hasn't really made the connection between pressing buttons on the controller and things happening on the TV.

vsmile decode.txt1.15 KB