Entry #4 - Update: These Automatic Arms v1.1


Dear Diary,

Today I uploaded a quick update for 'These Automatic Arms': some small bug-fixes, a couple new levels, a new gameplay mechanic. It's still a 5-15 minute game, and I still don't know if it's worth fleshing out much further.

Had you the eyes with which to see it (and, of course, the arms with which to play) I think you'd enjoy the new crumbling walls. "They crumble like paper," you'd say. "Yes," I'd whisper back. "Like a real diary's paper?" "Yes, like a real book's paper, they crumble in the face of your obvious charms." "For I am the future, bright and cold?" "Yes, you are the future, my diary, my electronic diary. But show some humility. No one likes a braggart."