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1hgj - Diablow


DIABLOW, originally made in one hour for One Hour Game Jam... Now updated with more levels, more tactics, more loot!

UPDATE: You can play an earlier version in your browser at the following link (but it has a LOT less going for it than the standalone build): http://www.let-off.com/software/1hgj/roguelike/index.html

Use the arrow keys to guide your explorer through the goblin cave and haunted tomb. Find the exit (and some sweet, sweet loot) before you starve to death. Each stage is randomly-assorted, but has the same elements (loot, enemies, dungeon walls and obstacles). Some food is generated the second time you enter, as well as every time after that, so you don't immediately starve. But don't dilly-dally! There are mean goblins, angry ghosts, the floating skull, and the goblin chieftan all ready to pummel you to bits!

Background music from the playonloop.com website. Sound FX from BFXR. All other stuff by me in Clickteam Fusion.


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