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working on a new? game?

hello again

it is me, jonprime

i do not have a lot to say, but i am back in some capacity. prepare yourselves for my next and perhaps final game.

i cannot tell you about it, but it is indeed being Developed by me, and it is a masterpiece. or rather. it will be a masterpiece.

please hold your hands.

thank you

200 plays on Birthday Simulator!

200 plays award.png

Wow! I can't believe so many people played this game!
Shoutout to everyone on itch, GT, and IFDB for the love and support. I never thought I'd be famous.
Also thanks TheCakeFlavor for making this picture lol.

More garbage is on the way. Not anytime soon. But it is. Be afraid.

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My name is Jon Prime. That's not my Real Name, but that's my Internet Name.

I like games and writing.

Message me if you want.

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