working on a new? game?

hello again

it is me, jonprime

i do not have a lot to say, but i am back in some capacity. prepare yourselves for my next and perhaps final game.

i cannot tell you about it, but it is indeed being Developed by me, and it is a masterpiece. or rather. it will be a masterpiece.

please hold your hands.

thank you

I'll Make games. But here's a blog bc i saw the blog entry part and thought 'that would be fun' pt.1??

Games as an art form should not seem so preposterous, it is only viewed so negatively for its incorporation of user participation, which admittedly immediately fucks up integrity with the automatic compensation that must take place (at least in terms of wide-audience relases) however lesser popular games will inherently contain some obvious quirk of the designer, the user instead will have to grapple with the singular/small teams issues/inadequacies instead of being comfortably carried through a la book or movie, it becomes simultaneously about experience and analysis, if not direct analysis of the programmers then that of the simulated environment they created with a pinch of willful suspension of disbelief (the ol WSD) so really in this day and age i no longer try to argue or defend video games artness because really its kind of auto-art, not something which you can just claim isn't such and it will be defamed, like it's eternally esteemed in my head so what. maybe that seems a little solipsist but you understand how it's essentially human excess just like any other art, just concerned more with creating a comprehensive controllable experience or something i dunno. you get what i'm saying. thanks

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Justice Mustache 3?


Jesus, It's been awhile since I've brought this character up.
I was working on a part 3, but I gave up because I get bored working on cutscenes, and I have no idea how Zecks can put up with it.
I've been wondering if, 1: Somebody would want it, and 2: If somebody would prefer it with/without cutscenes.

Blog blog blog

I guess I should write something here. My name is Brad. I live in Sacramento. I have been lightly involved in game design (MUDs, specifically) for years, and now that it's relatively easy to make casual games, I will finally try. This contest seems like a great sounding board.

Games I like: Myst + Riven, Mario 3 + 64 + World, VVVVVV, Minecraft, Charles Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden, Gameboy Tetris, Eversion, Megaman 2, NES Ninja Gaiden 1, Katamari Damacy, Daphaknee Needs To Poop, and Troubled Souls for the Mac.

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Sergio's Games

I've started a tumblr devoted to posting all my released games, in as close to chronological order as I can manage. They've never all been in one place at once, and a large number of them currently can't be downloaded anywhere so this is probably long overdue. I will be posting all the games I locate regardless of how terrible/embarrassing/shameful I find them.

Since my only alternative at the moment is MediaFire, I was planning on uploading them here. The total size of all my old games is about 50 MB. Given SpindleyQ's policies on linkrot and preserving terrible games, I'm pretty sure there won't be any problem with this but I figure I might as well wait for an OK before proceeding. I wonder if there's a limit on the amount of files that can be attached to a blog post?

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