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i feel bad because it's your

i feel bad because it's your games getting attention

and not mojo's

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Stop ruining his fun. He's gotten his game that he made himself with his own time on a popular blog for the first time ever. He was over the feckin moon when he found this out.

You seriously have a problem.

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indeed I do have a

indeed I do have a problem with the "newgrounds kids" direction this place has been taking, with large amounts of events forced and started and a disporoportionate amount of unamusing games lately that lacked the 'trainwreck charm' from years before (fmv shmup is an eregious one, with most of the space taken by an unneccessary inclusion of another person's series' episode), as if the inspiration wasn't in the shameless amateur 'creation kit' games of the '90s (which attracted me here in the first place), but more of 'haha let's lulz it up!!!! *google images* i make jsutice mustach and *insert references and memes here*'.

So, tired of what I constantly have seen above, constantly taking center stage, my empty forum topics remaining empty, contributing strongly to the apathetic atmosphere of the site's direction, demotivated of any effort toward creation, I have removed my games and closed off related sections on my site.

R.I.P. Glorious Trainwrecks, it's been fun.

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I think that might also

I think that might also probably be the reason I havent 'felt it' for a good while now. Though I'm well aware that I didn't exactly ever wreck my own trains properly, esp. towards the end.

Also I just wanna move on to proper games already but [keeps being apathetic].

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leilei's trainwrecks memorial

Here lies:

RYU'S BEST BATTLES - 2007-2012
THE GRAND PRIX - 2008-2012
STICK VENGENCE - 2012-2012
LILITHS FAIR - 2012-2012
HYPER DING - 2012-2012

They will be missed.

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Well then.

That was an overreaction and a half. No seriously, even though you probably aren't gonna see this due to your leaving, this wasn't needed.

There have been *shitloads* of games made in the "shameless amateur 'creation kit'" known as Klik and Play. It's surprising, considering how old it is and how it can't actually be run on modern systems all that well. Smedis's games are probably the only ones which have the whole "things i got from google images" style to it. But you know what? I like it. It's good. It's different. While, yes, FMV Shmup was seriously lacking, I think it was due to the fact that he was having trouble thinking up of good games at the time. Oh yeah, and I've never ever seen Smedis use "lulz" or memes in his games before.

To be completely honest with you, you yourself are hurting the "Glorious Trainwrecks charm" with these posts. There was no need to even post the first comment in the first place. I doubt you even PLAYED the game that was featured on RPS. It's definitely his best and most polished game he's done yet. Completely different from the stuff you seem to be judging.

If you ever do come back for whatever reason, please wipe the shit from your eyes and actually take a proper look at what games are uploaded here from time to time. Otherwise, see ya later, the door is over there.

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Seems to me this site has

Seems to me this site has just been getting better and better! We just had a bunch of super cool games made by people who definitely put effort in (at least as much as you can in two-ish hours) and certainly have what I would consider 'trainwreck charm' (http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/4540).

I mean, yeah, we have new people and styles change, but that's a wonderful thing.

That this place welcomes ANYONE to pop in and make something, ANYTHING without worrying whether it meets somebody's standards is SUPER COOL.

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This, this, this, this,

This, this, this, this, THIIIIIS~

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I'm sorry. I should have

I'm sorry. I should have dealt with this earlier, and better.

If you seriously have a problem with a 13-year-old kid enjoying making dumb games because they're not dumb in the way you like, then I don't know what to say to you. Glorious Trainwrecks is about making the games you want to make, and not letting outside pressures dictate what you make. It is a safe space to not get ridiculed for making games that don't conform to people's ideas of what games ought to be. It is a place where it should be okay to fail. I don't know how I could possibly be clearer about that.

I'm sorry to the community for not dealing more directly and visibly with hostile posts. People here don't need to be told their games or ideas are bad -- of course they're bad. It's in the name of the site. We should take for granted, as creators and as players, that the games here could always be better. Talking about what is interesting, or what ideas a game gave you, or things you might change -- that's good stuff. That's useful.

Leilei, I'm really sorry if you see this as a place where you can't do things you're proud of. I would be happy to take any suggestions (from anyone!) for what we could do as a community to improve that experience, so long as they are not at the expense of people who _are_ currently making things here that they're proud of. I promise to do what I can.

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I'm also someone who also

I'm also someone who also feels a little lost in the flurry of activity around here, though I wouldn't quit making games here, or begrudge anyone else who does. I think it would be nice to dial back on the large game jams a bit, though I wouldn't want them to stop altogether. Maybe we could counterbalance them with game-tasting weekends, where we troll Newgrounds or wherever for great, awful, dumb, or just plain weird games! I have no idea how we'd set that up, though.

When you click reply, do you not read the title bar?

It says Make Games Constantly Forever. I happen to have run into this place because of a zzt event, but I was able to play a couple games here and there, doubtfully. You know, I kept getting errors and crashes at first because my 32 bit machine was still open to the idea, but gradually things settled in.

And I don't know about you, but mmf2 costs a lot of money. You have to really work hard at it see. When you get that program of course you want to make stuff in it. The clipart is vast. But there isn't enough. There never is.

Fact is, I would've commented sooner on the fora, but I'm more of an IRC person. You're only getting half the effect with fora.. Someone has to know your message is there, look for it, reply, think about it. IRC it's instant stream. You talk about all these empty threads.. you've made 4 threads, 2 already had replies on it. One of them could've been an event and you'd get replies. I've made a thread and got 0 replies, but I did manage to get 7 people to put some games in it. Instead of griping about only one thread you've made ever that didn't get replies, do something about it. Join IRC. REP THE UG.

And I don't know what you have against newgrounds. Maybe you're not getting the results you want. Just like you're not getting the results you want. Search better. I found theblueberryhill's games due to it and aren't they just glam? I put my stuff up on there with the newgrounds edition and I got hit, but I learned, and I learned others. Play a game and learn from it. There's been a lot going down that you haven't seen because you're only viewing half the ug. IRC isn't about just joining during events, it's about the any time. #glorioustrainwrecks on freenode. afterall how can you knock an ug if you only see half of it?

And I played lilith's fair too and liked it and commented. That was your last game and you posted it.. 2 years back? Just like a friend, when differences occur you have to wait for them to come around. Just put yourself in Kyle Hyde's shoes.

Smedis's glorious redemption was the first game I played. With it I learned about platforming, race car controlling, it basically showcases all the stuff that is possible. I then saw other examples, strong, linhat, mno, effbee, and it was due to them I finally delved into klik n play and the rest.

But yeah, he's doing it while, you're griping. If you have a problem with it get opera and right click and block whatever elements you want.. there's even a find an replace filter.. Or, be louder.

You're not very loud. Half the time I wanted to see if you ever joined IRC, maybe sending a PM, but how do you talk to someone online here? leave a pm and hope they see it on the top left? Leave a message on a random thread? You say things have become a certain way but you never stopped to touch base with the newcomers.. If you want coordination you should work at it. This place could be anything. Or you could move on and find your own ug and invite key members too and it could be your ug..

But it's anyone's for that moment. Make your own moment though. The fact that you're doing this so close to the holiday season, when there's so many wonderful games SURROUNDING us like mno's christmas one or the one called raft. So many genres, so many titles.

But consider this: In a bit ou're gonna be with members of family, unwrapping presents with the people you love, either your family or others... Remember that, which is why I am a little sided off but to give up. Mr. T didn't give up on Billy Greene while he was having it tough. There's still time, it's never too late. It's also never too early. Go for it Billy.

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Hooray for people playing

Hooray for people playing and enjoying your games!

Did you know your games list is at 98, and you've been here for less than a year? YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO 100 GAMES MADE IN 2012.

man it's really disheartening

to see such negativity come out of seemingly nowhere. :(

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Wow. I really have no idea

Wow. I really have no idea what to say.

To leilei, Yeah, sure. I have the maturity of... well, a 13 year old. If you don't like the stuff I make, don't play them. You have more of an option than you think. Ya like EffBee's stuff or everyone else? Play their stuff instead.

To BC, Thanks. I really do feel honored.

To SpindleyQ, again, thanks. I hate how games on here are trying to be serious (deviating from GT's point) nowadays. You notice there haven't been many games like the ones 2007-2009?

To (mostly) Everyone: Thank you for not losing faith when I revealed my age. I really am used to getting the whole "Underage=Terrible" thing on websites like Youtube. It's been fun. (Although I'm not leaving)