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I've started a tumblr devoted to posting all my released games, in as close to chronological order as I can manage. They've never all been in one place at once, and a large number of them currently can't be downloaded anywhere so this is probably long overdue. I will be posting all the games I locate regardless of how terrible/embarrassing/shameful I find them.

Since my only alternative at the moment is MediaFire, I was planning on uploading them here. The total size of all my old games is about 50 MB. Given SpindleyQ's policies on linkrot and preserving terrible games, I'm pretty sure there won't be any problem with this but I figure I might as well wait for an OK before proceeding. I wonder if there's a limit on the amount of files that can be attached to a blog post?

chisel.zip1002.56 KB
nitroblazer.zip597.1 KB
crudquest.zip448.81 KB
pacula.zip6.42 MB
emballos-envados.zip2.69 MB
weem.zip2.77 MB
liamgames.zip6.02 MB
labyrinthlad.zip939.19 KB
caverntale.zip2.9 MB
kocmoca-sivpm.zip3.58 MB
yhtgdth.zip1.86 MB
futurewars-timeweasels.zip3.01 MB
bonksy.zip5.99 MB
theboxthatatetime.zip4.17 MB
knpgames2.zip1.41 MB
weem2.zip214.68 KB
knpgames1.zip1.4 MB
malcomonogatari.zip2.47 MB
eyeball3.zip1.7 MB
cakewalk.html1.62 KB
aaaaamaze.zip16.62 MB
dandeliongame.zip3.89 MB
Nickel in Jelloland.zip6.23 MB


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I'm happy to donate 50mb to

I'm happy to donate 50mb to your cause.

AFAIK there's no limit on the number of uploads; if you bump into one, let me know and I'll try to bump it up.

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Thanks! I am 50 MB in your

Thanks! I am 50 MB in your debt.

I'd be working on it now, but Tumblr is down... it seems to go down a fair bit. D: I guess you get what you pay for.

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Quote:The title alludes to

The title alludes to Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time, a game I’ve never played.

But have you played Nihilism?

oh my god people are still making reality on the norm games

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Tragically no! I missed out

Tragically no! I missed out on a lot of the older AGS games because they either wouldn't play on my computer at the time, or they'd play with no sound which was almost as bad. I'd like to revisit them, but I kind of ODed on AGS games at age 13 and now I find it quite difficult getting motivated to play them.

I really liked the Melt and Drake games, in fact I was reminiscing about them with a friend recently. I should probably get around to playing The Day That Nothing Happened.