« Tuesday February 16, 2021 »
Start: 3:48 pm
End: 3:48 pm

I recently released an update to my game "Katelabs" that adds even more editing tools and I'm now excited to see what other people could make with it. So I'm making an informal jam where you can produce worlds for it (which are output as .kl files) and like... Have fun with it!

it's probably a little bit buggy so keep regular backups if you can.

I also don't mind if you produce jank. feel free to embrace jank! You can create something beautiful, or something ugly, or something else!

There's a lot you can do now, including having moving objects and platforms, pointing objects at other objects, collisions, buttons, and sounds! as well as nearly every 3D model I've made.

Katelabs is HERE:

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