Creative Uses for 15 Different Household Items (For let-off-studios)

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Walk around and press 'e' to pick up and drop various items.

When holding an item, press the left mouse button to use it.


This was made for let-off-studios. It was an incentive for providing over 12 comments in the 12 Days of Klikmas event way back in December. Oh, is it already February? Oh well. I was originally going to make a quick RPG Maker 2003 game, but I had this idea and I wanted to make it work in Unity. It was inspired by the following image, which let-off-studios provided:


Uses many free models from the Unity asset store.

Thanks to Google Image Search for the textures.

Sounds are mostly from RPG Maker 2003.

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I like how it feels both

I like how it feels both slap-sticky and concerning.

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Mild interest -> mild

Mild interest -> mild surprise -> mechanical experimentation -> realization that there's very little to do -> feeling of emptiness/slight unease -> quit

That's my map of this game's intended 'flow'

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I spent ages trying to

I spent ages trying to glitch through a wall without success, which I guess matches this flow somewhat?

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haha I figured that would

haha I figured that would happen. I was able to do it once, but I'm not sure how.

One little easter egg: the force with which you hit yourself isn't capped, so as long as you hold down the mouse button, it will keep increasing forever. So maybe if you hold it down for like, an hour, you can just skip right past the collision boxes (the floor's is probably the smallest.

Thank you!

I think this is great. It feels like I'm professionally wrestling with myself.

7/5 will rolling pin again

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Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it!

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Hey, I'm looking forward to

Hey, I'm looking forward to playing this but haven't yet, but ..

I'm pretty sure you can delete the .pdb files Unity generates for Windows builds. They've only recently started appearing, and when I've run my games without them it's been fine. A quick search says they're a debugging thing that's maybe accidentally getting generated in all cases.

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I was wondering what those files were.

I uploaded a new version of the Windows build that doesn't include them. It's 30 megs smaller!

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The tone of this is really

The tone of this is really strange. It really makes me feel how I feel in life rn: overwhelmed, trapped, a bit stupid, fun. :-)

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I had fun putting everything

I had fun putting everything in the corner

than knocking myself out amongst the stuff.

(also I used that same telly in Gun Dream~)

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Also, the little title square you click on is a tidy way to start a game, I think.

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doesn't work in linux mint

doesn't work in linux mint *shrug*

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does the browser version

does the browser version work? if not i'll switch to html5. i've been meaning to do that anyway.