Don't keep complaining about loneliness! Let the fear-language of that theme crack open and float away. Let the priest [...]

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[...] come down from his tower, and not go back up!

I was feeling very badly today, so I read a Rumi poem, and made a train wreck about it.

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An event


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Awesome! I loved the

Awesome! I loved the tortured, flailing movement, and the particle tears. I also love the disorienting, cramped camera angle that the game starts with. This makes me want to try a 3rd person game.

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Definitely do it! Unity's

Definitely do it! Unity's physics engine made it surprisingly easy to set up an emotive little avatar rig.

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i'm finding it impossible to

i'm finding it impossible to navigate, is this normal?

Rumi is a great poet and I love that you made a game about it. I also like Kahlil Gibran, have you heard of him?

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It shouldn't be impossible

It shouldn't be impossible to navigate, but it is a little hard to get it going. You have to wrestle the priest by wrenching him left and right as you pull back.
I've heard the name Kahlil Gibran, but I haven't read anything by him! Is there anything in particular that you recommend?

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The Madman is pretty good.

The Madman is pretty good. You can find it on project Gutenberg.

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interesting thingy, i liked

interesting thingy, i liked it