Earth Defence Force Your Home

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A tribute to a couple of my favourite games Earth Defense Force and Destroy Your Home.

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An event


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Kinda want to have a Destroy

Kinda want to have a Destroy Your Home clone event now.
It's a really interesting comparison piece; there are so few elements that do so much in the original that seeing them all replaced creates direct comparisons for each aspect. I really like that the house has the same floorplan. Since it seems like EDFYourHome encourages players to destroy the home from the outside, it becomes much more power-projecting (literally) while the original feels claustrophobic and involuntarily violent. I found the projectiles to be fascinating. The way they sometimes force themselves to the ground or in debris and appear dormant, but still with all that kinetic (or potential?) force that is holding them in place; they become odd statues. It's kinda like the statue garden in Medusa's lair of all the fighters frozen in their most intense moment of action. This sense is leveraged by watching their full destructive power when their twirl picks up an entire floor and tosses it.

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Yeah, that would be a fun

Yeah, that would be a fun idea for an event!

I agree with these comments. I started try to make it very similar, but with a gun added, but quickly I realised that that immediately overruns a lot of the nice things about the original. Even just being in 3rd-person and not being able to move the camera round changed that stuff a lot actually.

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I tried this on PC and Mac and I get weird errors trying to unzip it. I used a different unzipping tool and I got this weird error when I tried to open the game.

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I used 7-zip on a PC.

I used 7-zip on a PC.

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Maybe the Mac one is actually borked (there was a 'data' folder outside the '.app' which I've never seen so I left it out........), but the other two are tested.

I didn't know there were archive utils that didn't support 7Zip.

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This is probably why it's

This is probably why it's good I will never own a house.

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I love how lovingly vulgar

I love how lovingly vulgar this game is, as an homage to Destroy Your Home. Each individual element from DYH is examined, understood, and perverted to bring it into the Earth Defense Force style. The color scheme gets updated to moon-of-saturn sci fi, the music from tinkling pianos to jarring cartoon rock, the third person perspective and cyan sphere shooting bazooka cannon- but still, the house layout is meticulously recreated.