Dada Boss Fight

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Use WASD or arrows to move, left mouse button to shoot.


Yevgeni Zolotko
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I really enjoy this

I really enjoy this aesthetic; I like how the photo-textures give the game a paper-craft feel. I also really enjoy the design of the boss.

Handsome Boss

Agreed! The aesthetic here is admirable. In my own experiments I'd been hoping the kind of "collage" quality you've got here would naturally result just from using assets from mismatched sources, but I think I've learned some lessons here.

Aside, it's kind of amusing how the balloon-vomit pattern makes a circle-strafing play style way harder than just standing in place & side-stepping occasionally.

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Nice, you definitely nailed

Nice, you definitely nailed the Hannah Hoch style collage visual aesthetic. The game was fun too. It reminded me of fighting the cyber demon in Doom in that it required intense focus to dodge the bullets and demanded that you keep a very clear mental picture of your surroundings so that you don't get cornered against a wall while you're circle-strafing. Hard but fun. I wonder what a game that incorporates the dada sensibility into its mechanics would be like!

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Really awesome boss fight!

Really awesome boss fight! You nailed the visual aesthetic. The boss kind of reminds me of the bosses from The Void: monolithic mechanical constructs that exist on their own rather than something to be conquered on the way to something else.

I also like the time after you beat the boss, when you're wandering around the clean plaza, senselessness is defeated, and you get to enjoy the classical statues and orderly train. I guess the politics of the game are kind of anti-dada: your goal is to destroy the illogical machine and restore order. Really cool!

Depends on how to look at it

Depends on how to look at it - if an illogical machine is your boss then you are restoring anarchy by destroying it. Dada is anti-dada!

Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the comments!