Shadow Doctors

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Made in October of 2016 for Halloween.

Angry Birds Tutorial by Роман Рафиков

Before I found out you could import .gif directly into Clickteam Fusion, I used:
Convert .gif to spritesheet in Gimp
Import sprite-sheet as animation into Clickteam


Skull gif

Haunted House Pic

Bat Gif

moon pic

Beetle gif

Eye gif

Flying skulls:

Birds gif:

Bats gif:

Squirrel pic:

Rattle pic:

Flame gif:

I put it into NanoStudio and rearranged the instrumentation.


Feedback, significant advice, and support
-Chrissy my wife.

Also thank you to the Glorious Trainwrecks community for encouraging me to use Clickteam Fusion 2.5, answering questions and pointing me towards example projects, and contributing hugely to my aesthetic.

You can contact me on twitter @cafefiction

Made For: 
An event


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Thanks for all the plugin

Thanks for all the plugin and tutorial links!

I haven't played Angry Virds, but this skull flinging feels good, and is a fun way to move myself round the board.

I usually like sniper rifles and grenade launchers in games because of the nice little disconnect between where you point and you hit, and the little wait to find out how your shot went. Same with Scored Earth and games like that. So I like the skull flinging.

I remember I had a Ninja Turtles board game where you have to catapult dice for some reason.

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I found an encyclopedia of

I found an encyclopedia of games book at the thrift-store and I wanted to make a game-of-goose. Then I remembered the the appeal of Trouble seemed to be the Pop-o-matic bubble. I only saw the commercials a million times, I don't think I ever played the game.

Thanks for playing!

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The apothecary path just

The apothecary path just below the ending path doesn't have a dead end tile on it, which means you can get stuck without the game knowing where to go if you roll a black bat there.
Other than that, this is a pretty nice halloween game. The way the board works is suprinsingly intuitive, even when you don't know the colors determine which direction you will go. And i like how some of the paths have additional dialouge the more you land on it.

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Thanks for pointing out that

Thanks for pointing out that lack of a dead-end tile. I thought I fixed all those. I'll reupload. It being near the end of the game probably super sucks!
Thanks for playing!
Regarding the additional dialogue: due to tye way I ended up programming the game, I had to write a bunch of additional strings in case folks kept rolling bat-shadows. I started thinking of those dead-end string-arrays as a certain type of story of frustration that might reference the thread before. It wasn't until very late in writing tiles that I started thinking that the beginning of the next color could be a conclusion to the last. Lots of mechanical/narrative style relationships only became apparent to be at the end which kinda makes me want to make another one of these at some point.

edit: fixed
I had to clear my cache for it to be effective though. I'm going to upload the executable anyway because the skull bounces in it and not the html version for some reason.

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I enjoyed this a lot and

I enjoyed this a lot and reached the end despite never really grokking the movement mechanics. It felt quite Twine-like, but with word clicking inexplicably swapped with skull flinging... truly something I would never have thought to do.

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Thanks for playing! So this

Thanks for playing!

So this isn't directly addressed to you Sergio, but how do I go about sharing the project with y'all. If I save an .mfa will it bundle all the art assets and samples? They are in a variety of folders on my computer.

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I really like the writing.

I really like the writing. Not only the rich descriptions but also the attention to detail w/r/t backtracking and transitions between chapters and including a little bit of extra scenes just in case you got trapped. It's a very skilled use of procedurality.

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(add to favorites)

(add to favorites)

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Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

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Carnival Haunted Houses

All the elements were combined together to give me the feeling that I was on one of those carnival haunted house rides. You and your date sit in a two-person car and ride on a rail round all these strange, horrific, and scary installations with flashing lights, latex masks on mannequins, and buzzers that accentuate each scare.

Such a fun ride you've put together here...! :)

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cool. Great video.

cool. Great video.

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Creepy goodness

Bit late on this one - catching up on things I've missed here on GT. As you play what at first seems an utterly inappropriate mechanic starts to feel normal in this world. I liked that. The sound really worked for me too.