Radiation Wave

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Made for Flatgame Annual 2016, a quick walkabout of the apocalypse.

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An event


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Something about these little

Something about these little characters' solitude strikes me. They've all got hobbies that make them happy but none of them interact or even get within a screen's distance of each other. And the player doesn't even have a body to interact with these strangers. It's lonely, but serene

What a World

It's a friendlier version of the apocalypse hinted to in the Borderlands series. The background music brought all the strange comments about skulls and high heels a note of whimsy instead of desperation.

And it seemed strange, but watching the clouds going in different directions and reading some of the text made me want to go further along on the horizon and explore more of those radio towers in the distance.

Nicely done! :D

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kind of feels like the

kind of feels like the characters are using their hobbies to distract themselves from the state of the world, but maybe all that matters is that they're enjoying themselves and not hurting each other.