The Zang Zurfers Restoration Project

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Not much is known about the ancient art of Zang Zurfing. The only remnants are scattered screenshots, a few minutes of blurry let's play footage and, for the few lucky enough to have played the original when it existed, the vague memory of the feeling of zour powder between your toes...

From these, the Zang Zurfing Restoration Committee has created the definitive facsimile edition of Zang Zurfers. Enjoy!

WASD, Mouse, Click to Zurf Zang.

Music stolen from our dear nuuup because I couldn't track down the original:

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An event


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A noble and potentially

A noble and potentially controversial cause! But really, what a great idea. The Zang Zurfers Zaga goes on...

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wow, this is pretty

wow, this is pretty accurate! good job. I was even able to take some new zangshots (see attachment).

however, the performance of the game is almost disgustingly smooth, though this might be due to the fact that I have a better computer now. in any case, may I suggest attaching scripts which perform arbitrary calculations in Update() to new zangs until the frame rate reaches a certain low. then, you can have a manager which monitors the frame rate and distorts the music as the performance begins to lag. I'm just worried that people with better computers than mine might never reach a point where the game threatens to crash.

this is a very accurate recreation, nice job.

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Wew now I'm allowed to let's

Wew now I'm allowed to let's play it!

Though I refuse to comment on whether I have an original copy or not.

Thanks for doing this though.

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All of this zang wrangling

All of this zang wrangling makes me want to go out to the store and buy sour candy strips and eat em.

On a serious note, glad this was recreated. Always wanted to play Zang Zurfers, couldn't because it was unavailable.

ayy you didn't steal the

ayy you didn't steal the thing, that mixtape's free, everyone can use the tracks if they want it (but nobody can claim that it's their tape or else thor is going to ruin their day)

I found this game to be fantastic. A majestic experience into a grandiose plan of existence.




Twisty sticks bless you, sir.

Twisty sticks bless you, sir.