FULL VERSION OF Press A to Slow Down Zone

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Only 3 areas meh. For full effect do not play until the collab level is released. For less full effect play it and tell me what you think (or if i messed up on something).

MAJOR UPDATE: Now the last screens are actually possible. L.O.L.

SIMILARLY MAJOR UPDATE: Now you can actually get to area 3 in the level select, and the right music is played during certain segments, and you can't wallswim during the white stripey escape segment.

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This is so hard, but it's

This is so hard, but it's also amazing! This time I made it to x975y1005, and I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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Unfortunately it seems like

Unfortunately it seems like x975y1005 and most of the challenges thereafter are my skill ceiling, so I cheated through a lot of what followed. I also wonder if x983y1010 is impossible? It definitely seems to be from where it saved me, unless there's something I'm missing. I can't say I was a big fan of that grey stripes area compared to what came before, and it also seems possible to jump immediately upon spawning and enter a wallswim on the above screen for most of those screens.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. If you're concerned the difficulty bump is too great, in that casual players (the collab level's target audience, I presume) won't be able to get past it, perhaps the collab level could be designed in such a way so that you don't have to complete every painting, just most of them.

The striped area is kind of supposed to represent the level falling apart, glitching out, before your very eyes. You're coming down from the high that was all the timed running and jumping in the area before, and you're slowly making your way out the canvas of the painting. On an actual design perspective it's about the closing pit, more than anything. The drop zone gradually gets thinner and thinner until you're faced with the smallest drop in the entire level (which is possible). Also wallswims fixed. Also your comment was probably uploaded before I added the umbrella upwinds.