Made some short tracks in PxTone

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These are five songs I made from December 1st to January 11th, each about 30 seconds long. Some of them use samples from Nifflas' Loads of Samples vol 1. Once I can get some more samples I'll probably use OpenMPT to make songs instead.

Pellen is arguably the first song I made, though I've changed it many times after I've created Wushie. Initially the song was 1/4th as long as it is now!
Wushie started out with the really basic sineOrgan and ORG_M04 that most of the song revolves around, then I just added a few more instruments until it felt right. Again, it feels kind of wrong to list these in order I've created them, since I tend to modify them a lot before they're to my liking.
Sprayer could be an exception, though. I barely touched this after I got it to sound nice enough. As a result, it's the simplest of the 5, and it's mainly just an experiment with beat.
Droi started with a rectNormal and a sawdNormal, which I later changed to Z Closed and Lofi Closed (instruments from Nifflas' samples pack). It took me a while to decide that I'd be using a snare. The channel where the snare goes went through a few other instruments, including bells and a hi-hat (also from niff) which sounded cool at the time even with the cutoff.
Gorje was the last song I created, but not the last song I modified. It makes the W voice sound a lot like a saxophone by getting it at just the right pitch.

Anyway, the 5 songs are attatched below in a .zip file, and they're available as .pttune and .wav. If they're bad, tell me! You can also tell me if they're good, just let me recover from the shock afterwards.

ncrecc's pxtone music.zip8.73 MB
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I like 'em. Pellen and

I like 'em. Pellen and Wushie fell kinda Earthboundy.

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Funny, I've never actually

Funny, I've never actually played Earthbound.

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Very cool

It's neat to see others using PX tone ^_^