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The site is up and I am excited! NOW LET'S GET DOWN TO WRECKING TRAINS, YOU GUYS.

As an incentive to participate, if I am not the first person to upload a finished project onto this site, I will personally videocapture an excruciating home movie that I made when I was like eight years old or something, in which I crashed my model trains into miscellaneous toys for like an hour and upload it to YouTube for all to see. Yes, all you have to do to make me publicly humiliate myself is to have an awesome time creating a ridiculous videogame and uploading it to the site! WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN?

As an aside, literally the morning after I registered the domain for this site, I got a spam email with the subject line, "Trainwrecks are fun, trainwrecks are loud, trainwrecks are spectacles."

Seriously! SPOOKY.


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I kinda want to see that!

I kinda want to see that! IT'S ON NOW.

Also I guess it's cool to start pimping this site like mad? I figured you might want to wait a little while, but a Call to Wreckin' is as good an invitation as any.

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Indeed, pimp away! I'll

Indeed, pimp away! I'll continue to tweak the site a little bit as we continue, but at this point it's fully functional as a gathering place to egg each other on and so forth, which is good enough for me.

(Though feel free to tweak the wiki and frontpage too, to make our mission more clear!)