College Hill Kentucky

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have fun chasing your nightmare self around College Hill. i got to the jam late so I made this in 1 hour. Based on the town College Hill in Kentucky which was the theme.

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An event


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uhhhhhh puppetmaster guy??? also the plant and grass animation is simple and fun!!!

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thank you!! i made it with

thank you!! i made it with Doodle Studio 95, would recommend if you use unity

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I listened to Romans Chapter

I listened to Romans Chapter 1 while I played this so I would have some context for Romans 1:20. Turns out Paul was a hateful pretentious dick incapable of making a logical argument.
We found myself trying to find objects to collide against or hills that we could both run over at slightly different angles so that we could eventually mesh into one single player-avatar. We were most successful inside of the Evangelical church, but our gains were quickly lost once we managed to get outta there. The swampy area had neither slopes nor colliders so we just ran around exploring without hope to combine. Then I decided to try and walk my other-self off the level, but fell in the process. We did not see each other on the way down.

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i love this comment thanks

i love this comment

thanks so much for playing! <3




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