Terrible Lectures

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ENJOY these high-grade and extremely intelligent lectures on a variety of subjects. Choose between many enticing possibilities such as "Animals I made up" "Arteries: RANKED", "Prepping a carrot", "Sex Positions of Ur", "S is a vowel" and many more!

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An event


This was really charming!

This was really charming! I've never been so interested and so bored at the same time.

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I loved the format and I

I loved the format and I found myself laughing out loud a few times.

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this game speaks to me on

this game speaks to me on all levels of existence

Favourite Quote

"Sometimes I clean up normal shaped carrots."

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Have you been to academic conferences? This feels very accurate.

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I meant to comment on this

I meant to comment on this sooner, but this is such an excellent game. I wish I behaved like this at terrible lecture sites I used to go to lol. It's a perfect encapsulation of so much awfulness, and the dry humour is so good.