hot pocolate

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hello this is my game hot pocolate

before playing, put on some music and then hit spacebar to the beat of the music!

you can also play it on a hacked switch if that's your thing:

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An event
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really really nice and makes

really really nice and makes me happy. like a glimpse into an alternate history where klik n play was free and on the web.

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so fun to watch. I put on

so fun to watch. I put on pandora to see how many songs it could go with and it's pretty consistent!! It's fun to space bar along, too. The images were great and it was a nice experience to have with music I already knew!!

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I'm surprised how well this

I'm surprised how well this works. I thought it was going to be something of the Dark Side of Oz ilk, but I found myself appreciating it more like a 80's MTV style rhythm-game with no fail-states. I think I associate objects inside border-bouncing over grids of moving images with Max Headroom.
For the record I listened to Talking Heads "Born Under Punches".