hidden tapes

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its the hidden tapes goals in thps1 demade in pling pling lol

i did this for demake jam on itch lol but its really more for gt tbh

heres page on itch just in case https://quasiotter.itch.io/hidden-tapes lol

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An event


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Very challenging. I didn't

Very challenging.
I didn't make it all the way through, but I saw some interesting things. The 3rd(?) playfield where it is all flipper was interesting. I liked ho the flippers would sometimes match up to create entirely new shapes. I found myself holding down the right flipper so I could clear the first area and then I had held it down for so long that I was surprised when I needed to use the right flipper and let it go instead.
I also thought the S shaped playfield was interesting because of how I couldn't stop the ball from regressing with the second flipper. I'm so used to being able to trap balls that this felt surreal.


...the new skate champion!!!

PS: well done, and VERY challenging. :)