sawn shiner

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there's a lot on my mind at the moment... i wish i knew how to make games about it...
instead i made this nonsense, i hope someone enjoy

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An event


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I like this. I'm glad to see

I like this. I'm glad to see a third entry in what now feels like an informal series of camera angle switching games. Some of the imagery evoked gender dysphoria, but I may just be projecting my own thoughts onto an overly evocative work.

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I'm glad you included some

I'm glad you included some citations to reference material on the game page.
Also good choice of music for that slow movement. It feels like something is in its happening.

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i'm in my happening.....

i'm in my happening.....

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this is

this is a good game, feels like something I'd want to just be on ambiently around me

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Great combination of elements here. I'm pleased you didn't show the suit-wearing person's face. It didn't seem like a game about them, and it feels appropriate this way.