Bucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophe

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More a children's story than a game. I needed to explore some stuff in Blitz3d - figuring out a workflow for creating cutscenes. That seemed horribly dry so I thought I'd make it more fun by doing something with gisbrecht's BINKY models. Done as a learning exercise but I thought I'd share it as some of you might like it.

Many thanks to gisbrecht for sharing the assets - hope you enjoy this little BINKY tribute.

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Loved the composition of

Loved the composition of this. Some of the shots look like really cool 3D art pieces on their own. The giant mushroom in the middle of an empty field, the perfect grid of the robolloyds up against it... The arial shots. All very cool.

Also, happy to see another blitz 3D user. I love this thing

Totally Agree

The first birds-eye-view of BINKY and RUFF at the giant toadstool rotated -just- enough to make it incredibly soothing.

Nice work, and thanks for sharing it!

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I'm pretty sure that

I'm pretty sure that Glorious Trainwrecks is the best place on the internet after playing this.
Also, my fan-theory is that most of the dramatic parts of this story occur due to the hallucinogenic properties of the mushroom.

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the genuine cinema. long

the genuine cinema. long shots remind of andrei tarkovsky. I love the swirl effect how is that done?

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The swirl effect is made

The swirl effect is made with Particle Candy which is (or was) an addon for Blitz3D.

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Thanks for all the nice

Thanks for all the nice comments. As I said, it was done just to learn some stuff but then it reached a point where I thought I might as well finish it as a little story, add sound, etc. It was fun to make something so friendly and unchallenging for a change.

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idk why this reminds me of space channel 5