wimbrut racing


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haha, I like the revisions you made to the description.

I still think I need some cheat codes for this game as that snow plow? level is very difficult. I like that this could easily be a genre of racing games and one that I don't think I've seen or seen much, like 8 directional, not race car style movement racers, it makes me want to copy and spam something like this. I'm also super curious how the AI works, I really enjoy seeing the cars die

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yes, please do copy and spam

yes, please do copy and spam something like this. the ai follows invisible objects around the track, and there are blocks that tell them which way to go. so they;re really dumb but the track has the AI rather than the cars. apologies for the annoying snow level. the next levels are more annoying :)

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this is an update of an

this is an update of an older game, isn't it? seems familiar...
There's definitely a big jump in difficulty in the snow level. I managed to get past that, barely, and then got creamed in the city level. Having to restart from the beginning is too punishing, imo. but the city level was sick, and I wanted to see what the next levels would be. Being able to restart from the level you failed would help a lot, I think. Super kickass music.

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thanks so much for playing. the difficulty spike was a last minute thing I did. the game is so short, so I just made it become annoyingly difficult. the city is the last level anyway. I had uploaded a video of this game to youtube a while ago, maybe that's what you can remember? thanks again!

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I can soak in that

I can soak in that loser-screen for unknown quantities of time.

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yeee its good in it

yeee its good in it

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The version of Leviathan mode I'm able to play is outstanding. Great feeling of massive ships flying round, like a zeppelin race. Had a nice "Around the World in 80 Days" feel to it.

Great visuals in all the game modes. And yeah, the snow-plow level kicked my butt. :)

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thanks for your kind

thanks for your kind comment. it's always been a dream of mine to make a game with characters/vehicles so big that they go off the screen. this was my first try at that idea

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Does not work very well in

Does not work very well in Wine on Linux unfortunately! However the first two normal levels were interesting... I like all the art on the title screen

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sorry about that. not sure

sorry about that. not sure how to improve the thing so it works on those things