Ball to the Walls

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2019-03-16 16_59_07-New project (Construct 2 preview).png

Made for 1HGJ #203: one hard minute

Hit the walls to earn points. The more points you earn, the faster you can roll the ball. Get as many points as possible in one minute!

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An event


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Score = 41,871

Yay, 1HGJ!!!

Two thoughts:

  • I wish we earned points for bouncing off the ceiling, too. That happens a few times per game depending on how well you're moving, and it would be a nice touch.
  • Whatever you did with the font was super cool...!

Nice work for the jam, Tin! :)

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something about this game's progress felt like I was hallucinating. I loved that the numbers got real fuzzed out. I'm wondering now how's the easiest way for me to do something like this. I like these very simple abstract systems you've been making lately!

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one minute game is such a

one minute game is such a fun jam idea! as others have said, I really like how distorted the timer text gets. it makes the progress feel like it comes at the cost of visual comprehension... or something.