The Four Desecrated Mruidea Kings

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The Four Desecrated Mruidea Kings

z - confirm, close map
arrows - move
ctrl - open map

~ play in your browser ~

backgrounds: Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (1987)
special thanks to: HIMEWORKS

Made For: 
An event


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I made it out! Nice atmosphere throughout, it was a haunting and otherworldly experience. I really enjoyed the sounds! This is rpg maker, right? I've never seen one look so abstract before.

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yeah, it was made in rpg

yeah, it was made in rpg maker mv..! thanks for your playing ~ glad you made it out!

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You made this in RPG Maker MV? That makes me look at this came in this completely different way and appreciate it much more. I really like the sort of imprecise searching and wondering in this maze, very mysterious and evocative.

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Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind words : ) I'm always interested in RPGM games that don't look like RPGM games.

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Thank you for making a game

Thank you for making a game for this jam- this is an interesting one- and in RPG Maker no less! The background is kind of disorienting in non-moving, but I understand it would presumably difficult to program that. There's a japanese only SMT Remake in RPG Maker which may be of interest Sorry to be the critique, but I was wish there was an ending. Though, it's a great mood piece. Scary.

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Whoa, that remake seems

Whoa, that remake seems pretty cool - I found some footage on niconico but it wouldn't play for me... I'll have to try running it sometime. Thanks for the feedback : )

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I also enjoyed the dark

I also enjoyed the dark harshness of the tone, particularly how it can relate to the theme of rodents running around under ancient Greek streets and in the walls of buildings and plumbing. I found myself reminded of this book a lot.

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I'm not very well versed in

I'm not very well versed in Greek. but here is your award: Best Use of Greek

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