Finder's Cycle: Starcrawl

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The second Finder's Cycle game. Again it's a take on the hidden object game. It's a slow game, ideally played when you're feeling relaxed. The stars can be very hard to find but if you relax and spend a little time adjusting to each new randomly generated image it gets easier. The sound also uses randomness to an extent; I'd recommend playing with headphones. More info in read me file.

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This was very enjoyable.

I played this for quite some time. I liked this sort of twist on a hidden object sorta pixel hunting game. The audio and variety of visuals was very appealing.
I really appreciated the right click option. I enjoyed playing this at an easy pace of just clicking all the ones I see and if I can't see one, I just immediately click right. I like that it seems like you could play with this however you'd like.
Just curious, is there an ending?
I feel as though you should consider making an html5 version of this if it is easy to do for you.

It makes me want to make something with some of the ideas I got from this! Very inspiring.

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Glad you enjoyed it. I was

Glad you enjoyed it. I was pleased it turned out as a relaxing experience especially as my last game was really frenetic. There is an ending but I'm not sure how many people will get that far; you have to minimize your use of the right click hints if you want to see the ending. Unfortunately I can't make a HTML5 version - it's made in Blitz3D which can't export in any browser playable formats.

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Cool extension to the

Cool extension to the series. I spent about 15 minutes earnestly searching for stars, but I guess I used hints too many times because the game abruptly quit out and I didn't get a chance to use WASD.

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Tried again today. This

Tried again today. This time, I got to see a few rectangles floating on a pink background briefly before the game quit itself.

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Another attempt. Almost 30

Another attempt. Almost 30 minutes, swear I only used about 10 hints, game quit out without a hint of anything. Next time I will enlist the help of at least one other person to play with me.

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Assisted by both parents I

Assisted by both parents I took one more crack at this. I thought we only used 4-5 hints, but it still exited abruptly without an ending sequence. I increasingly wonder if the game is functioning as intended.

i really like the imagery.

i really like the imagery. the glowy nebula kinda stuff + the pixelated sprites and the drawings is a nice mix. inspiring game.