Space Duck

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It's about a duck in space! Explore the stars until the aliens get you.

Doesn't quit so much as strategically crash. Enjoy! :)

Liam Quinn and Michael Barrett
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An event


gisbrecht's picture

AH I love the art... I got a

AH I love the art... I got a high score of 83 before losing to what I think was a glitch. Also the monsters that appear from the bottom screen kind of confused me at first!? Please make more artistic games.

tininsteelian's picture

The graphics are great! Sad

The graphics are great! Sad that the duck got discouraged from ever exploring space again...

jakeclover2432222's picture

that was quite astonishing.

that was quite astonishing. i'm impressed with the duck gun technology, i was wondering when invisible guns will come out, they are spectacular. they can only be detected by duck quacks bouncing off of them back to the ear?

sergiocornaga's picture

The sprites and game over

The sprites and game over screen are fantastic. I managed 60.