World's Strongest Hamster in The Underground Empire


A game made for DungeonJAM 2019 on itch

Psycho Gopher Rage
Made For: 
An event


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Your "seat of the pants" method of game-making is impressive. Not only in working with javascript, but in coming up with mechanics as you went along, and found a way to put them to use.

I haven't the slightest idea of how to "complete" the game though - if it's even possible. Are you supposed to touch all the question marks?

how to complete

I'm the most surprised it ended up somewhere (i was just trying to make a roguelike and failed at it)
So the idea is you need to leave the map at the very bottom and thus you escaped
i made a walkthrough for it
(the walkthrough is also seat of the pants as i got lazy and not went with the orthodox path)