#A9A9A9 No. 7

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A9A9A9 (2).png
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Made with RPG Maker VX Ace

More info here.

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An event


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Managed to access the

Managed to access the inventory by pressing esc. after beginning. This "Eric" guy looks pretty laid-back for a soldier.

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That's incredible. Not sure

That's incredible.

Not sure if the artist intent is to create a gray screen in as few steps as possible, or to have nothing but a gray screen.

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I believe strongly that the

I believe strongly that the artist's intent should be communicated in a way that is as frail and easy
to subvert as the artist themself.

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purest pleasure

i dreamt once that i stumbled across an esoteric online gamedev subculture devoted to something like this (except white instead of grey). They were called 'light' games (as in the opposite of heavy) which i think was a direct translation from Chinese.

each of these so far has been a delight.. eagerly awaiting the next installment :)

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Wrong spot