taxi 5imulator

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Enjoy a taxi ride!

Jake Clover
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This is an awesome little

This is an awesome little moment. The little city made of oatmeal tubes and paper seemed like a really compelling place to watch go by, I wish I was able to turn my head and look out the window.

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yeah I agree it would be

yeah I agree it would be nice to look out the window. I was thinking of adding left and right window views that you can switch between but then I couldn't be bothered. and I made it in a really dodgy way in game maker. it was taking ages to load the videos etc, and i found it creepy and disturbing to watch so I didn't want to work on it any longer than a few hours and finished it quick as possible!!! thanks for the comment!

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It's pretty accurate.

I found it just as bizarre and awkward as riding in a stranger's car in real life. Thanks for this!