A Video Game Made For Only Dogs To Play

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The Dog Life Simulator Game


this is a video game for dogs, and only dogs. it is about being a dog, in a Dog World one could even say. it was made by a dog, and it shall only be played by dogs. why? because only dogs can understand!!

in Dog World, the land is split into four discrete areas, known as:

inside each you will find unique encounters, experiences... what are all of them? you will have to follow your nose, and find out!


rule #0: there is no audio, use your dog imagination, make up your own, or find a dog video to play
rule #1: you have to be a dog to play it. no exceptions. only dogs may know what it is like to be dog
rule #2: if you are not a dog, but a dog is present who wishes to play, you are allowed to help facilitate that by pressing the keys for them. however, you should not make decisions- it is up to the dog for what to do
rule #3: nikki is making me write this. she says I have to let even non-dogs and non-dog owners play it. whatever! fine


move your dog self with either the arrow keys or the wasd keys
press Spacebar to toggle DOG ACTION MODE on or off. if it is on you can do more things!!
press E to eat something if you are standing over something you found
press Q to go to sleep / wake up again, to help recover your dog energy
press L to toggle outlines, I don't know why this is a feature
press R to return home to your doggy bed if you are lost or tired
press Escape to quit whenever you feel like it!


game design by Ruffty
implementation by Nikki

promo/splash image and exe icons by raeborga
features drawn dogs by gisbrecht, and raeborga

fully detailed credits are available in the downloaded readme file

Made For: 
An event


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I like this world and environment. I especially like sleeping. I am making an adventure game and this is specifically pretty inspiring in relation to that. Like, for example, I like how "loose" this feels? Like I like how some of the goals are implied or whatever. I also enjoy sleeping. I really like the game Brave Fencer Musashi and in that game you can sleep and the world around you starts speeding up. The energy paces the game in this really interesting way. Kind of reminds me of how running works in GTA. This game is like a nice dog GTA. I also like how the world wraps around and the surprising places you can find while wrapping around which also reminds me of the thing I'm working on. I like that this game doesn't have sound. I get into arguments with people sometimes. Some people say all games need sound or would be better with sound, like all games, and I really really disagree with that. I think this game benefits by not having sound. It makes the experience of playing feel a bit more casual.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me play tho I'm not a dog. :-)

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(written by ruffty)

gosh I'm glad you liked it everythingstaken! this comment is written like a true dog because it runs all over the place. ummm lemme try to respond more directly.

yes I wanted it to be loose, nikki always spends forever making everything tight but that's boring to me, dogs just do whatever they feel like you know?? I don't want it to be like GTA gta is bad. I don't know what Brave Fencer Musashi is but sleeping in it sounds good. I'm glad that the game had nice surprises, I like surprises, like finding a bone while digging!

I'm sure nikki would be able to talk more about the sound stuff, but I would also get in an argument with such ppl too I guess. "ruffty your dog game needs sound" no it doesnt'????? nikki always takes forever picking out audio, it'd like freaking double the development length of my dog game. I don't have time for that!

thanks for commenting even tho you're not a dog