restaurant simulator 2095

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restaurant simulator 2095 for the nantendo game boy advance

simulate all sorts of restaurants (???)

multiple endings

customize your food with special events and flavors, including:
- electric shock
- wait X seconds
- windows 10
- ??? and more

very little is known of this game. the source files were lost in the war. sorry

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An event


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rip source file war. ps yer

rip source file war. ps yer art rules

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"The year was 2095. Restaurant Simulation was beginning."


Barbara: What happen?

Joyce: Someone set up us the buffet. [...] We get order.

Barbara: What?

Joyce: Main burner turn on.


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My descendants will enjoy

My descendants will enjoy this game very much. Thank you. I love the cover art and can only regret that I will not live to play it myself.

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Makes me hungry

It looks delicious