Trainwreck 'faithfulness' theories

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I don't know exactly where to put this since forums are vaguely described, though I want to spark a serious trainwreck defining discussion on what makes a trainwreck as a believable one or a deliberate one, because this can greatly affect the innocent enjoyment of a trainwreck.

Personally, my guilty pleasure is in ambitious games that are crumbled by the abilities of the authors or the software, unintentionally turning into trainwrecks. Basically, KNP years 95-98. Some faux professional 'shareware' that ask you to register for a fee with a contradictory self-imposed KNP quit screen give me chuckles.

Meme influenced trainwrecks i don't really have a soft spot for as I assume all memes are unfunny filler. In the '90s, the worst it can get i've seen is a few Jim Carrey film lines or SNL references, and those are rare cases themselves. Meme game doesn't equal trainwreck in my selfish eyes, it plays as 'lol i am funny because i insert an funnys lol', and doesn't really suck me in. Exceptions though are trainwreck games intentionally based on movies (Jim Carrey Breakout by Sylvain Seccia, for example. "Your balls are showing" wins the 'best use of a line in a new unintended context award'.)

And then there's those trainwrecks that must show off basic pixel art skills or someting like that, which seems more like 'make a crappy game with my indy cred ego on it' than something like a trainwreck. I'm an indy too, but still I find it unusual when a trainwreck has 2x scaled pixel fonts, characters and shapes in that it kills the surrealistic feel around a trainwreck. Sorry if this paragraph was insulting, as it was not intended to. Not. At. All. I'm not saying "USE KNP LIBS ONLY!", but being indy hip stylish doesn't make a wreck look wrecky.

...or, maybe i'm just getting old and i'm an oldtrainwreck elitist and i'm too snobby to accept dated Kanye Westus Interruptus jokes. I haven't even exposed my own trainwrecks here yet, so my timing about this is probably too early. I'm not scorning anyone (except Kanye West), i'm just raising questions for answers towards the benefit for a better Trainwreckian Society.

I'm stupid.

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I like to think that we're

I like to think that we're too busy making trainwrecks to worry about the exact criteria that define one. :)

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I agree. I think the less

I agree. I think the less criteria we have to judge what makes a "proper" trainwreck, the better. Making them is fun because I don't have to fret over how good they are and playing them is fun because I never know what to expect.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with personal taste :)

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this is an april's fools

this is an april's fools post, right?

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I truly understand you,

but everyone has different taste in the trainwreck-kuso-crap game genre. I personally love shitty games with hilarious/stupid/absurd settings (Ninjabread Man, anyone?), together with broken mechanics, but still amusing and providing endless "spot-the-error" fun. And I try to mimick those things in my games (wait for my epic shmup with hand-drawn storyline panels, all done in KNP :) )

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For KOTMK I just dig the

For KOTMK I just dig the two-hourness, and the 'trainwrecks' thing is an excuse for us to judge what we come up with on what makes them interesting rather than what's lacking.
Outside KOTMK a true trainwreck is probably going to be a rediscovery, not something deliberate.

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Wait, I don't want that to

Wait, I don't want that to sound disapproving. I'm a huge kusoge fan and I wish we had more of that sort of culture. We need a good English name for it.