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This isn't a game, it's a (not very) musical toy, a sort of primitive sequencer. It's controlled by clicking on old player-made Quake II models that then sort of 'vogue' to the sequence they're playing. Not really sure why I made it; I found a big zip file full of these twenty year old models a while back and I've been playing around with them in various ways. This is the first thing I've released from that process of playful gamedev doodling. I thought it might amuse some of you. It amused me to make such a thing from models repurposed from a violent game; I like to imagine the characters moving on into more creative endeavours. Also it's worth admiring the skill that went into creating these models; I picked the ones I thought had the most interesting animations.

Left click to start or stop a sequence
Right click to change the sequence
Escape key to quit

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I really like this! Just kinda wish I could move the camera around.

Chun-li's leg and arm textures are amazing. Taking notes.