Kate's Katelabs Worlds

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this floppy disc contains a bunch of the test worlds I made for katelabs to toy around with the systems. the ones you saw my screenshots of as I was making the game. The entire disc is under 2MB, big enough to fit on a flop. And it goes a long way. there's several milesworth of levels in here. whether or not they'll be fun for you to explore is another matter- but they may be

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Some fun things to explore

Some fun things to explore here. It really does feel like rummaging around in an archive. 'ulimatetoilet' was particularly intriguing and did not disappoint. I must make something with this myself soon.

For anyone else wanting to have a rummage - I found that they only work if you put them in the same folder as the exe file - otherwise you get error '.BCA ArchiveFile not Found'.