Fun Jet

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You fly a jet, and it's fun. Make sure you don't hit the pigeons!

Jake Clover
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Are We Having...

...Fun JET???

And yes, I am proud of myself. :)

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I had a lot of silly fun

I had a lot of silly fun playing this. Apologies - I then stole the mechanics - collide with one thing to go faster and another for game over - albeit translated into 3D, for one of my entries for Grid Grind 2020 - 'Mabel Normand Rocks!'

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I do not remember handing

I do not remember handing you a permission form to borrow my ideas.

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I can now easily play your games with sound! Wow, that game was scary. I almost screamed when I lost the first time around. I wish this game took 6hrs long lol