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the magic pencil

game is unintentionally too large to upload here, like icarus flying too close to the sun. probably it's all the music files that screwed me over. linked to my itch instead

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An event


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I really liked this. I

I really liked this. I encourage others to explore all the different drawings. I keep forgetting about Ren'Py and then I come across things like this that remind me that it can do much more than the typical Visual Novel. How did you find it to work with? Did you have to do a lot of work to get it to do what you want (i.e. write your own python code) or did the built in functionality give you what you wanted?

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thanks... this game is

thanks... this game is pretty much just displaying a series of images, so the script is basically a thousand lines of "show draw1 show draw2" etc. With renpy it's really not difficult most of the time because the support forums are surprisingly active. if you just want to showcase a bunch of pics with some light animation i recommend it