Scrapyard of Doom

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The Mysterious Industrial Building has created a vortex that is summoning derelict Recreational Vehicles from across the Universe! You have five minutes to save the victims from the Scrapyard of Doom before ... um ... something really bad happens I suppose. Doesn't make any sense at all but hopefully you might find it fun.

Another game for Grid Grind. More Unity learning. From the grid - Mysterious industrial building, Someone who needs help, Van/Bus/RV. Idea came to me when I was playing around with some RV models I happened to have and found that dropping them from the sky was silly fun.

The game can be unfair - it can happen that falling RV's block your routes so much that winning becomes impossible. But it is winnable though not easy. It gets easier after you play a few times and learn your way around.

Instructions in game, credits in read me file.

WARNING - contains LOUD sound effects! Well that is what tends to happen when Recreational Vehicles fall from the sky into a scrapyard.

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Whatta Game

Yep, this is tough as nails! Rescued as many as 7 so far in my best runs.

This is oddly compelling, and I enjoy it a lot. It seems to me a combination of David Lynch-esque absurdity, the "breakfast bombing" scene from Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front, parkour, and the desperation found in the classic solo card-and-dice game, Chainsaw Warrior. I find myself scrambling around a junkyard in a desperate hunt for the victims, while chuckling whenever a raucous wrecking sound adds percussion to your background music.

Very funny and engaging. Well done! :)

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This is my absolute favorite

This is my absolute favorite grid grind game to date! The Blendo Games vibe is nice.
Something about the falling RV's being a regular occurrence that ranges from being something you're vaguely aware of, to something that directly impacts you (like when one drops in front of you) just feels really... natural? I was able to accept the absurd premises of the scenario and suspend my disbelief very quickly.

Nice atmosphere. I like

Nice atmosphere. I like relaxing, dystopian worlds that are also hilariously chaotic and violent. reminds me of typing in lots of cheats in GTA san andreas and making the cars go all crazy in a sandstorm. The blue electricity tornado + car junk yard combo reminded me of half life 2 ep2. music was a good choice. graphics were nice too. lagged a bit on my comp, probly due to the storm effect (for some reason unity particle effects always lag on my computer).

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"Compelling" is a good word

"Compelling" is a good word for this. I really enjoyed how it put me into a mind-mode of rescuing in midst of a chaos. At first I thought I could think hard enough to avoid, but eventually just accept as an occupational hazard.

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I like the setting. I want

I like the setting. I want to learn more about the scrapyard of doom. Also I love the presentation just generally