Dinosaur Hunta

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A man will journey across a dangerous land of dinosaurs. This game is a speech bubble adventure with state-of-the-art techs working behind the scenes which are so finely tuned that your computer won't even know it's struggling to process what's on-screen at any point throughout the experience.


Music by:

Anuradha Paudwal, Udit Narayan

Jake Clover
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Absolutely loved this! For

Absolutely loved this! For me this twisted Platoon meets Jurassic Park story was the most successful of the story games of yours that I've played - it had a coherence but remained utterly unpredictable. And the gameplay elements fit really well with the narrative. Music and sound worked really well too. I always love your graphics but this one has some really great animations and some nice little touches (such as the elbow in the eye). With its unique approach to telling a story this is one of those games that I'll come back to and that will inspire my own future efforts.

thanks so much! It's funny

thanks so much! It's funny how the games that I treat more like a joke seem to turn out better. if I have more of a 'have nothing to lose' attitude then the creativity can seem more inspired and fun somehow

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hit the gas you friggin tortoise

goodness me, thanks for

goodness me, thanks for playing

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That was amazing. The part with the teeth dragging in the dirt made my teeth hurt. I love that it was basically a movie with only a few interactive parts. I really like how the wrapping of the first person parts works. The death animations are great. The visuals and narrative in this is very evocative of like sitting at home during a sick day and watching whatever crap on tv. My favorite visual is the part where the dinos said they stained their feathers and they are all rainbow color. I also think you're one of the few people that can really pull off the mixed pixel resolution thing. Sometimes when my students do something like that, I show them your stuff of Kimberly Kubus and they either are like "cool" or they immediately stop doing it. I especially like the jungle backgrounds that are weird and blocky but have a higher resolution texture. I almost feel like I want another game in this world, but I know you'll probably just work on something different.

Thank you!!! yeah i suppose

Thank you!!! yeah i suppose the story/adventure is inspired by cartoons where im not paying attention to what's going on, but there're characters running around doing things and you're like haha ok

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I enjoyed the tone and

I enjoyed the tone and pacing and art and music-curation a lot. I particularly love the feathered dinosaur on the right side. It is pretty.

I have interview questions:

1. What is the best war movie and why?

1a: Why do you think that movie was made?

2. Have you ever had a pet serpent or lizard?

2a: How was your relationship with it like?

Best war movie is a world

Best war movie is a world war 2 one, but i forgot what it's called, and i've only seen parts of it, and i enjoyed it. I think it was made because it is fun to watch.

i've never had a pet lizard, but i have found blue tongue lizrds, skinks and geckos in the garden. I think they were scared of me.

Thursday Night At The Movies

My Two Favourite Parts:

  • Driving away from the prison compound as it's being destroyed.
  • Watching the giant cannon shudder and shake, almost in time with the fantastic drum music in the background.
  • The FPS shootout with the aliens.

Really nice adventure here! I saw Jurassic Park and Platoon already mentioned, but I'd add Aliens into the mix at the point when the rest of the soldiers are introduced. The distinctive soldiers that told us who we were without any exposition or much dialogue was pretty great.

thanks for playing! I

thanks for playing! I actually haven't seen platoon, and i cant remember the first jurassic park movie too well. i've seen aliens a million times so definitely a inspiritations lolz and i really like the (second?) jurassic park movie with the jeff gold blum yawning and then the triceratpoz is like rrrnnnuuuunrrrrrrr and the car lands in the tree

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incredible. loved the music.

incredible. loved the music. many moments made me laugh out loud.

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

i played this shortly after

i played this shortly after it was posted and i only got about 1/4 of the way through and then i quit, i guess it stuck with me, yesterday i was thinking about this game again, in particular the collagey mixture of pixel drawings and photo textures, i played it again today and i'm glad i played all the way through because i liked the vaccine guy and the rainbow blood-stained dinosaurs, the wound-healing bit was great too, loved the music as well, great game