Now That's Xtreeme!

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Do radical flips and travel gnarly distances to get a tubular high score! Press left and right to rotate the tree, and press up to jump.

Made for 1HGJ #282: See the tree. Be the tree


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The Pro Strat

If you go backwards, past the one way sign, you'll fall into a void where you can flip endlessly. There's no cap on your rotation speed so you can just hold either direction while you fall to get infinite loops, thereby far surpassing what you could do by playing the game normally.

There is a cavtreeat. As you spin, the pitch of the spin noise will increase, also unbounded. If sound is on, you might get a headache as it enters dog whistle territory.

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did the thing bseudopod said

did the thing bseudopod said where I went off the left side of the map and flipped endlessly. because it's so obviously cheating I tried to do it legitimately. I got about 3330

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I managed to score 400108 points, try and beat that y'all.