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This is a compilation of over 50 games and programs I made between 2005 and 2015 using The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion 2, back when I was (mostly) a kid. All of the games have been converted to executables that work on modern Windows PCs.

Many of the games are unfinished, and some of them aren't much more than rudimentary menus, but a good number of them are fully playable.

A readme file is included, listing the games in chronological order, along with a brief description of each of them.

EDIT 12/12/2020: The link is updated to include the CNCS32.dll file that is required to play many of the games. I can't believe I forgot to include it! One of the "games" in the compilation is a program from nearly 10 years ago with the only purpose of installing the file onto your computer so that one of the other games in the compilation, which was released publicly, works.

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i downloaded this

i downloaded this collection, my computer decided the best order would be to play them in chronological order. i should note that i couldnt play a majority of these because of a missing CNCS32.dll. unless most of these games are simply popup messages that really want you to have this dll. i did not try to 'pull a fast one' and fake out the applications by slicing a fake CNCS32.dll in there. with that out of the way
the first game i was able to play was
avoid the sour cream

at first i liked the music choice, i tried to avoid sour cream as a potato for quite a while until i just wanted to end it all. much to my surprise, the potato did not get hit as often as i expected when staying still. i liked how level impossible forgoes a theme for the character, instead opting to strip a.t.s.c. into its most basic elements, much like at the end of earthbound when you are walking up to fit guygas. what this game reminds us is, if it is raining outside, you are more likely to get hit by more rain if you are running than if you are slowly walking.

cotton pocket grab

five cotton pizza

flight of the bumble bee

this one is familiar to me. it reminds me of my past life wherein i was a bee keeper among an overload who hated ants. i miss my old life.

robot rumble 2014 & similar

i like how i am reminded of bees.
i liked how the sounds repeated if i messed with the physics engine.
i keep finding myself trying to score on my own goal.
i like the one with the agressive ai.

shoot the green things
i did!

taco salad & similar
i enjoyed the diversity of playstyles among the different modes. i think deluxe's lettuce longshot is my favorite.

test game with quotes
the movement is very interesting.

the great monotone tim adventure!
i remember damien from rhythm heaven fever. tim may be broke but at least he does have his health.

in terms of what you pay for this collection has more value than the 3d mario collection

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I updated the link to

I updated the link to include the CNCS32.dll file. I remembered that I needed to added throughout making the compilation, and then I forgot to add it at the end. Oops!