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This is a compilation of over 50 games and programs I made between 2005 and 2015 using The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion 2, back when I was (mostly) a kid. All of the games have been converted to executables that work on modern Windows PCs.

Many of the games are unfinished, and some of them aren't much more than rudimentary menus, but a good number of them are fully playable.

A readme file is included, listing the games in chronological order, along with a brief description of each of them.

EDIT 12/12/2020: The link is updated to include the CNCS32.dll file that is required to play many of the games. I can't believe I forgot to include it! One of the "games" in the compilation is a program from nearly 10 years ago with the only purpose of installing the file onto your computer so that one of the other games in the compilation, which was released publicly, works.

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