falling gardens

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protect your flowers from the balls that fall from the top of the screen for as long as you can! click to place a ball that falls upwards to deflect the falling balls away from your flowers

made this mostly as a learning exercise

music from mort garson's plantasia. graphics are all either drawn by me in aseprite, photos i took, or taken from spriters resource or google images

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An event


Two Sides To It

I think you succeeded in creating wildly diverse environments even though the mechanics are essentially identical in each. For example, the feel in VOID is radically different than that of Metro, but each one is entertaining in its own way and instantly delivers its distinct vibe. Being able to direct falling balls into the spaces between your plants is very satisfying and makes me feel clever...!

This game also succeeds in being simultaneously adorable and brutal in an almost unconscious way. When one of your flowers is hit, it reminds me of the first time I saw "Princess Mononoke," and the brief scene when the Princess cuts a plant shoot from the ground and one of the tree sprites materializes next to the cut plant.

All those things together - along with your excellent music choices - make this enjoyable! Thanks for making and sharing it. :)

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thank you! i really should

thank you! i really should rewatch princess mononoke...

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this is so beautiful and

this is so beautiful and pretty and perfect... the music, the levels, the menu... even the title... it all feels so coherent. I find the simple idea behind the gameplay really simultaneously skill-based and relaxing.

I was looking for feedback loops and ways to break the game since I can summon infinite balls as fast as I like- but it seems to make sense, sometimes you need a lot of balls in order to create enough particles to move a red one back. I lasted about 20 seconds on average

I also love the different themed areas and their use of assets and mix of styles... gosh... I love it so much

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wow thank you so much! a lot

wow thank you so much! a lot of earlier versions of this were very breakable, so im glad i found a way to avoid that without needing to prevent the player from spawning infinite balls

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Fun mechanic. It was neat to

Fun mechanic. It was neat to see how much just a few obstacles on the screen can affect how I went about developing tactics.
I'm really glad that the music keeps playing when I click "Play Again" rather than restarting. That made the levels into spaces I was spending time in rather than a challenge that was overwhelming.

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thanks! that wasn't a

thanks! that wasn't a deliberate choice with the music, but i agree that it makes the levels a lot more pleasant

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this was absolutely lovely!!

this was absolutely lovely!! I like everything about it, you made all the resources work together so well in such a lovely way

my highest score was 35 seconds in the green house, which I think is my favorite level. but they're all great!

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thank you, i'm glad you

thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it! i don't mean to brag, but i have high scores of over a minute on every level B)