men are from mars woman are from venus but trans women are from planet x

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Originally Uploaded in 2015 on I think it's one of the few games I forgot to upload here. Original description below.
Hello! Welcome to my game!

When an Amazing trans woman from planet x is dispatched to retreive the femcore-the power source which keeps planet x stable- things go awry when the sicnam-robot monsters from the space evil-attack!
After retrieving the femcore, it is revealed that it is actually a portal to clown hell, can the amazing trans woman get out of this pickle?

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Mouse - Look around
Left Click - Fire the laser

Content warnings
There are clowns in the second level and rotating lights, the first level has monsters that can phase through walls.

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support, clown and clown car models!
Thanks to whoever made tron probably.
Thanks to Phil Reavis for making the song "Clown Car" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to Rob Hubbard & Ben Daglish for making the song "Auf Wiedersehen Monty" that is featured in this game.


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An event