BINKY XXI: Lava Lamp Chaos

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If you have the time, please read "onMasterSlaveAndGodotDevelopers" in txt or pdf formats

The twentry-first-iest in the award winning BINKY series!

"I'm trapped, AGAIN!!!" -BINKY, in a new press release

Yes, dear BINKY fans, they're trapped again! BINKY was tricked into going into the magic lava lamp! Will they ever escape?


W - UP

A - Left

S - Down

D - Right

Esc - Quit


Various Artworks from Klik&Play

The Grinch from Dr. Seuss: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ripped by azm vespes

Summer Fun Yoda from Puppet Greetings yoda look-a-like video ecard happy birthday


Blaze of Assault from Albert Odyssey transcribed by Marine

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An event


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wonderful game <3 powerful

wonderful game <3
powerful feeling of being trapped...
+ those characters are funny
i was unable to escape the lamp.

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truly the essence of a BINKY

truly the essence of a BINKY game...